Ticks can be found throughout the United States and their numbers continue to rise. On the East Coast alone, there are over 20 different species of ticks. These pests can carry diseases, such as Lyme disease, so many homeowners aim to keep them away. With some work, you can limit the number of ticks that make your yard their hunting grounds.

Keep Grass Short

When it concerns tick control normal maintenance of your yard is essential. Ticks are drawn to cooler environments, which make long blades of grass an ideal spot to inhabit. If you live in an area with a high number of ticks, it can be a bad idea to leave your grass uncut. Don’t let the height of your grass get above about 5 inches, keeping it low enough to reduce shade while keeping your grass healthy.

Use Mulch

Many varieties of ticks enjoy dense woodlands, so wooded areas next to your home or commercial building can be tick-rich. To keep them from travelling onto your property, apply a barrier of mulch around the yard. Mulch barriers aren’t attractive to ticks, as ticks do not tolerate dryness and heat well. Use mulch that is made from dry bark or wood chips, as damp mulch can actually attract ticks.

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Minimize Weeds

You may not be aware of the habits of ticks, but they enjoy climbing grass to look for prey. Weeds can grow quite tall, giving ticks the perfect lookout point for their next victim. By getting rid of weeds in the yard, you can minimize the chance of ticks latching onto family members or pets.

By taking proper care of your lawn, you can minimize exposure to ticks and keep these pests at bay. Use mulch to create a barrier, minimize weeds in the yard, and keep grass from getting too tall.