Let the dentist do right by you. When he told you that that tooth had to come out, he wasn’t reading you the riot act. He’s been acting in your best interests all along. And yes, the best is yet to come. But first let the tooth extraction aftercare flowood process run its course. And during aftercare you could just think about smiling right again. But perhaps it may never come to that. Extraction work will only be considered if the dentist decides that the affected tooth or teeth are now beyond repairing.

The dentist can make that determination after he’s taken an X-ray. He’s able to accurately assess all of your clinical requirements, not just the actual removal of the affected tooth. Rest assured too that particularly in emergencies, that troublesome tooth can be removed on the same day that the dentist does the diagnosis. It would not make sense to delay matters. Because what if infection should spread to other areas of the oral cavity?

tooth extraction aftercare flowood

No, that cannot happen. And that’s also why aftercare work is just so important. There’ll be follow-up procedures to make sure that no further infections occur, and no harmful bacteria is allowed to enter the affected and surrounding area. Part of the aftercare work entails having a partial denture or implant made up. Even if the empty area is unseen at the back of the jaw, it might be a good idea. Exposure is always going to be ripe for new bacterial matter to enter and settle.

Part of the diagnostic, removal and aftercare procedures also entails taking a full account of your overall health. The dentist needs to know whether you’re on any other medication or have another condition. He doesn’t want his work to have a detrimental effect on your impending recovery.