As a business owner you must take many precautions to protect your business and employees against a fire. It is a major threat that every business endures, although preventing problems is not as difficult as one might assume.

Commercial Fire Causes

What are the most common causes of electrical fires at businesses? Among the most common include:

·    Cooking Equipment: If you operate a restaurant or other type of facility that depends on a commercial kitchen, it is essential that you take proper measures to prevent fire and damages. You face many risks working in a commercial kitchen that put your business and employees at risk. You can mitigate the risks and stay safe.

·    Heating Equipment: Faulty heating equipment is one issue that may lead to a fire. Your business is also at risk of a fire if mechanical equipment overheats. This includes furnaces, radiators and boilers.

·    Electrical Equipment: Electrical equipment failure is a concern for any business owner. Loose wiring, frayed wiring, old wiring, etc. can all cause a fire especially in an older building.

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·    Intentional: It’s hard to think that someone may start a fire at your business but it happens more often than we’d like to imagine. While not as common as other causes of commercial fires, the risk is there.

This is not a complete list of causes of fire at a commercial business but a look at some of the most common causes.

Call an Electrician

An annual inspection performed by a commercial electrician savannah ga is a great preventative tool that helps prevent fire and your risks of dangers and damage. Call an electrician when you have trouble as well. It is better to be safe than to be sorry, especially where your electrical components are concerned.